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  • Matteo Garrone's latest film is a gripping drama about Marcello, a gentle yet cowardly dog groomer who finds himself caught up in Italy's criminal underworld. Marcello forms a dangerous, one-sided relationship with former boxer and cokehead Simone, who terrorizes the community. Before long, Marcello is part of his reckless antics. It is only after Marcello takes the fall for one of Simone's crimes that he decides to restore his dignity and a plan for revenge takes shape. DOGMAN's realism captures Marcello’s chilling descent into darkness in this story inspired by true events. – Sarah Harris

  • Italian director/writer Matteo Garrone was born in Rome in 1968. His feature debut TERRA DI MEZZO won the Turin International Festival of Young Cinema Jury Special Award and the Cipputi Award. His films have played festivals internationally, including GOMORRAH (AFI FEST 2008), REALITY (AFI FEST 2012) and TALE OF TALES (AFI FEST 2015).

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