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  • Rike (Susanne Wolff) is an experienced amateur sailor embarking on a solo voyage through open Atlantic waters. After weathering a brutal night storm, Rike awakens the next morning to spot a vessel in the distance that has been thrust into a dire situation: a boat, brimming with migrants, is sinking. Suddenly, Wolfgang Fischer's taut, near-wordless film crystallizes into a sharp moral dilemma: What is an individual's personal responsibility when faced with the refugee crisis? With skillful camerawork and a muscular central performance — both made more impressive by being set against the unwieldy ocean — STYX is a lean, gripping portrayal of one woman's attempts to do the right thing, even as official help repeatedly fails to arrive. – Beth Hanna

  • Wolfgang Fischer was born in 1970 in Austria. He studied Psychology and Painting at the University of Vienna, followed by Film at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf and at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne. His films include WHAT YOU DON'T SEE and STYX, which premiered in the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival, and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, among other awards.

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