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  • This charming feature debut from recently rediscovered filmmaker Kathleen Collins (LOSING GROUND) follows three Puerto Rican brothers who, under the guidance of their deceased father, are enlisted to assist an eccentric elderly woman in restoring her crumbling Victorian home. When the brothers set out to accomplish this colossal task, the woman matter-of-factly announces her plans to host one last party before her own anticipated death. Adapting a series of short stories by Henry H. Roth, the debut announced Collins’ distinct visual aesthetic: unrestrained, delicate and ethereal. With a set of vibrant and engaging characters in her own hometown of Rockland County, it exudes sweetness and affection. The film screens at AFI FEST as the LA premiere of the 2013 Milestone Films Digital Restoration. – Malin Kan 

  • Kathleen Collins (1942-1988) was raised in Jersey City, and educated at Skidmore and the Sorbonne. She was an activist with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during the Civil Rights Movement who went on to become a playwright and filmmaker during a time when black women were rarely seen in those roles.

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