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  • Hidden beneath the surface of the lives of the young and beautiful in Los Angeles lurks a sinister code to unlocking everything. Sam (Andrew Garfield) is just another failed artist living in Silver Lake, perpetually buzzed on too much pot. When a young ingénue (Riley Keough) moves in downstairs, only to promptly vanish the next day, Sam begins to unravel the strange symbols and images she has left behind. In the grand tradition of film noir, our hero stumbles from a haze of pot smoke toward clarity, all while trying to slough off his detached, ironic demeanor. For once in his life, Sam digs deep in an attempt to find the girl and maybe unravel the mysteries that reside within our pop culture touchstones – from video games to pop songs and beyond. But what Sam finds at the heart of it all may be far too much for him to handle. – Lane Kneedler

  • David Robert Mitchell grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and currently lives in Los Angeles. He is the director/writer of the award-winning feature THE MYTH OF THE AMERICAN SLEEPOVER (AFI FEST 2010). His sophomore feature IT FOLLOWS (AFI FEST 2014) is considered one of the most terrifying films in Sundance Film Festival history. His third feature, UNDER THE SILVER LAKE premiered at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

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