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  • Trevor Newandyke is the epitome of post-adolescent boredom, rising in the afternoon and endlessly complaining about mundane things like the cable company. His sole ambition in life is to be a famous comedian and he devotes his entire day to rehearsing. When Trevor strikes a deal with the devil and bites into a magical apple, his lackluster life and bleak jokes take a turn into madness. Written, produced, directed and edited by Joel Potrykus, the film avoids romantic trappings and elitist jargon to engage the audience in an inventive story that is clever, comical and outrageous. Winner of two prizes at the Locarno Film Festival including Best Emerging Director and a special mention from the jury for the Best First Feature prize, APE serves up an insane youthful energy and existential intensity that sets it apart from other American independent films this year. —Dilcia Barrera

    Preceded by the short: MOXIE. (DIRECTOR – Stephen Irwin | 6 MIN)

  • Film critic and filmmaker Joel Potrykus began making movies in high school. He attended film school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he still lives. His acclaimed short film COYOTE explored themes of isolation and rage. Potrykus' first feature film APE premiered this summer at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

    U.S. Premiere

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