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ROOM 237

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  • In ROOM 237, filmmaker Rodney Ascher delves into the symbols and motifs in Stanley Kubrick's historic film, THE SHINING, revealing even more secrets hidden within the story over 30 years later. A filmmaker as rigorously detailed as Kubrick demands close examination and THE SHINING is a film loaded with oddities that become curiouser and curiouser the farther down the rabbit hole you fall. Why is there a doorknob on the ceiling? The television Danny is watching is clearly not plugged in — why? What's with the disappearing three-story tree? Why are there coded messages describing man's trip to the moon embedded in a horror film? These provocative questions and many more come from a variety of theorists and fanatics, whose fascination with the classic horror film shows no sign of abating. After viewing ROOM 237, you might very well feel compelled to wander the halls of the Overlook Hotel forever and ever and ever. —Lane Kneedler

  • Los Angeles filmmaker Rodney Ascher directed the short film THE S FROM HELL, which, like ROOM 237, premiered at Sundance and traveled the world — and the Internet — soon after. Ascher's genre-blurring work reflects the influence of a
    century of horror films.

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