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  • One of the most singular voices to emerge in the last decade, French-Canadian iconoclast Denis Côté inhabits a universe of storytelling all his own. His latest begins with Vic’s sudden arrival in a peaceful backwoods town. Recently released from prison at 61-years-old, she takes up residence with her only relative, her mute and deteriorating father. Vic is soon joined by her determined, yet good-natured, parole officer and Flo, a former cellmate and lover looking to start life anew. But Flo is attempting to escape demons from her past, demons that are plotting revenge. Côté’s work offers an elliptical, offbeat and precise sensibility that challenges viewers while consistently keeping them guessing. Thoroughly engrossing at every turn, the film is a potent swirl of stirring performances, bizarre characters, offbeat humor and detached formalism that proves what’s left unsaid is just as important as what’s shown on screen.—Landon Zakheim

  • Born in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in 1973 and now living in Montreal, Denis Côté is a former film critic and maker of experimental short films. His first feature, DRIFTING STATES (2005), launched a career that has included the film noir ALL THAT SHE WANTS (2008) and the widely acclaimed CURLING (2010).

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