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  • THE ROCKET begins with the birth of twin boys in rural Laos. Local superstition dictates that one is blessed, while the other is cursed, and the only way to return balance to the village is to get rid of them both. But when the second baby emerges stillborn, the young mother hides the truth – and raises her “cursed” child Ahlo without the knowledge of his possible destiny. When an Australian corporation carries out a village-wide relocation for a hydroelectric project, the boy and his family suddenly find themselves refugees. As the truth about his birth becomes known, Ahlo begins a journey down a path of redemption, strewn with unexploded bombs, hungry ghosts and the healing power of James Brown. Director Kim Mordaunt has crafted an explosive fable of human connection, marked by extraordinary performances from his child actors and haunting imagery of a land still reeling from the destruction of the Vietnam War.—Dayan Ballweg

  • A graduate of both the University of Technology Sydney and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, documentarian Kim Mordaunt has lived and worked throughout Southeast Asia. He has taught filmmaking and drama in Asian, Arabic and Australian Aboriginal communities, and has been a filmmaking mentor in refugee centers and prisons.

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